Cafe & Bakery

The Chocolate Factory

floor: 1
Room: 101

           With a deep passion for chocolate and sweets, we wanted to create a space where chocolate lovers can gather, get hands-on experience with the chocolate making process, learn
about the history of chocolate and just be amazed by hundreds of chocolate products. In the process, we also advanced ourselves in dining, hence in 2014, the first Chocolate Factory with a full service restaurant that serves Thai and European delicacies was established in Khao Yai.

           Our products were warmly welcomed and loved by customers, especially our chocolates that had since become one of the most famous souvenirs of Khao Yai. After the successful opening of the first store in Khao Yai, 2 new stores were opened in other tourist-favourite cities: Pattaya and Huahin in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Each with its own unique interior design and locally sourced new offerings. The latest addition of a full service restaurant and a second branch in Pattaya was opened in 2019, making a total of 4 stores across the country.

          In 2020, we expanded our service to Bangkok as we launched our first store in Megabangna with a new business model: a chocolate dessert cafe. With customer satisfaction in mind, we created exciting new menus that attract customers with an urban lifestyle. As of March 2021, we opened another 2 branches in Fashion Island and Central Plaza Lardprao, making a total of 3 outlets in the Bangkok area. In 2021, we plan to move forward in Bangkok with full service restaurants and a new business model: mini-size chocolate shops.

Products and Service
1. Chocolate 
           The Chocolate Factory offers premium chocolates with carefully- selected ingredients imported from Belgium, France and Switzerland, the best places for chocolates! A unique chocolate tourist attraction with a complete range of chocolates. Our chocolates are freshly made and developed specifically by world-renowned Chef Eric Perez, a world class chocolatier. Our best sellers are Chocolate bonbons, Chocolate Hammer and Stones.

2. Bakery Product 
          The Chocolate Factory offers premium chocolates and other baked goods such as cakes, cookies, pastries that are inspired by our love of chocolates. Our best selling goods are such as Brownie Crackers, Cakes, Lemon Pounds, Puff Sticks, Almond Thins among others.

3. Food & Beverage
          For beverages, we serve up a variety of drinks that were created with our passion for chocolate such as Signature Iced Chocolate, Double Dark Classic Chocolate and Chocolate Snowflakes. For a caffeine fix in the morning or afternoon, you can find all the café staples like Americano, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato, but don’t miss our coffee with chocolate-y twists like Iced Chocolate Mocha and Iced White Chocolate Macchiato. For those who prefer lighter and fruity options we also offer smoothies and sodas such as Watermelon Smoothie and Wild Berry Soda.